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miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Spider's stories


ello, I’m a spider, my name is Little Eight.

My body is like the number 8, that’s the reason I have my name: Little Eight.

I have got 8 legs.

I have 4 legs on my right side and 4 on my left side.

Having 8 legs is fantastic; you can do a lot of things with them.

I have a shop, when I’m working I can stand on my 4 back legs and use my 4 front ones to pick the things I need.

I can stand on my 4 right legs and say hello with my 4 left ones, it’s great!!


Hello, do you remember me? It’s me Little Eight spider, my body is like the number 8 and I have 8 legs too, 4 on my right side and 4 more on my left side.

I have a shop. One day Sixteen Feet worm came to my shop because he had to buy some socks.

Sixteen Feet is very funny, he has got 8 feet each side of his body.

The reason he has a name like this, Sixteen Feet, is because if you add 8 feet one side plus 8 feet on the other side, the total is 16 feet.

When Sixteen Feet is walking down the street he looks like dancing, he moves 8 feet on the right side first and then the 8 ones on the left side.

Sixteen Feet wanted to buy orange socks, but in my shop I haven’t got enough socks in the same colour, so I told him to buy 8 orange socks and 8 yellow socks.

Sixteen Feet thought it wasn’t a good idea, how can he wear 8 socks one colour and 8 different ones? It has no sense; people will laugh at him for sure.

Then I told him: “why don’t you try it? You have nothing to lose” he accepted so he put the socks on and then when he moved, it was really funny because he moved the 8 orange ones on his right side first and the 8 yellow ones on his left side later.

Everybody in the street got surprised, and everybody wanted to wear the socks like Sixteen Feet. Since then wearing socks different colours is in fashion in our village.

Traducido por: Bernabé Pérez

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